Ethiopia Bombe Basha Natural


Bombe Basha is a fruit forward dry process coffee accented by perfumed floral hints, flavors of juicy blueberry, concord grape, plum, passion fruit tropicals, and a malty note that comes off like peach infused beer.


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Basha Bekele and his family have a 11 hectare farm in Bombe village, Sidama region. That’s a lot of farm by Ethiopian standards, and because of the large size and newer rules around exportation, Basha was able to procure a license to export his coffee direct. Bombe is a very high altitudinal zone, with farms topping out at 2300 meters above sea level. Basha’s farm is right around that peak (2200+). The cooler temperatures and high altitude lead to a slow coffee cherry maturation, and higher green bean density, an important factor for higher acidity and potential sweetness. This is a dry process coffee (“natural”), meaning the whole coffee cherries are laid to dry, rather than removing the fruit first. This is the oldest coffee processing method, and the extended time the seed is in contact with the fruit through the drying phase tends to impart fruity flavors in the cup, something Ethiopian naturals in particular are known for. Basha’s coffee is definitely a fruit-forward cup, but with a floral aroma indicative of washed coffees from this region.

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