NEW! Guatemala Antigua Finca Pavón


Classic balanced cup:

Caramel, Cocoa, mild black tea, dark chocolate truffles.




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Finca Pavón is located on the outskirts of Antigua town. The farm gets its name from the original owner, Manuel Francisco Pavón. Pavon was a member of the agriculture department, and as such had access to endless farming information. He planted Finca Pavón in Bourbon back in the mid 1800’s, which is basically, still the dominant varietal today. When current owner Marina Duran inherited the farm, it was in dire straights, unkempt, nowhere near being lucrative as a coffee farm. She cleaned it up quite a bit, and because of the inherent trouble with compact soil and root ventilation in the area (also causing flooding because of these factors), continuing the sole planting of Bourboncito (Bourbon 1800) made for a good option to thrive in this environment, not compromising “Bourbon” cup quality.

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