Mexico Organic Lagunilla Washed


Flavors of brown sugar and caramel, roasted nut, bittersweet chocolate, with accents of dried apple and raisin. Delicious.


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This lot comes to us from the cooperative of La Lagunilla in the small town of Cacolotepec (“La Lagunilla Rural Production Society LLC”). The cooperative society handles wet and dry milling for many of the small holder, Zapotec community, and this particular blended lot is made up of 40 different producers. Most farmers migrated out of Cacolotepec in the early 2000’s, partly due to the highly volatile coffee market during that time. La Lagunilla was formed in 2003 in an effort to rebuild coffee as a viable income for their community, focusing their efforts on organic cultivation and ultimately obtaining organic certification. Production is “traditional”, in that depulping is handled at the farms on hand cranked devices, then the coffee is fermented overnight, washed, and dried on mats. Altitude in the area is a range of 1000 to 1500 meters, and the 40 farmers who make up the La Lagunilla coop are growing mostly Caturra, Bourbon, Typica and Mundo Novo.

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